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Nditha Rehabilitation and Assessment Therapy Center is a private practice center located at 9 Summers Road, Sunnyside, Blantyre. It has qualified and experienced professionals who provides assessment and treatment for, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Special Needs Teaching and Mental Health support. We are registered under MBRS12035486.

At Nditha we provide a comprehensive assessment utilising our clinical experience and different standardised tests to assess a child’s development and ability to manage day to day tasks such a independence in self-care, scholastic activities, and leisure tasks. We also see adult clients who have a wide range of physical, speech, cognitive and occupational problems. We then provide one on one therapy sessions determined by the goals we develop from our initial assessment.



Our mission is to offer an innovative therapy service with the highest level of effectiveness and quality. Our commitment is to provide the resources and support necessary to help them
meet all their goals and reach their highest potential that maximize each client’s functional independence, well-being, and quality of life in an overall fun and friendly environment.


To empower and be a resource for Adults, children, and their families during the journey of the development of functional skills needed for daily life through evidenced-based therapy


Equality and Respect

A good treatment and personalized attention to our client’s is our work policy without considering race, sex, or intelligence, accepting the diversity of options of everyone.


The fulfillment of our commitments and obligations is to provide and promote an attractive and healthy environment where all children/adults can learn, play, have fun and progress.


Our responsibility is to provide a service focused on the real need of our client. Where our professionalism, sense of vocation and humanitarian spirit is fundamental to achieve our objectives.


When we found out that our youngest child had developmental challenges that lead to her late development, immediately, we started working hard and focused on the development of our daughter. Every difficult moment and every milestone we experience with our daughter brought us to the initiative to create a therapy center for every child and their specific needs. Even knowing that as parents of a child with special needs it would be a very difficult and long journey. Nditha Rehabilitation & Assessment Therapy Center is where our client’s find support, love, guidance, and life tools for their journey.


Follow the philosophy that our clients have the right to develop to their          fullest potential.
Provide a comprehensive facility that incorporates consistent team meetings        where all therapists, clinicians, and parents will collaborate to facilitate        optimal success for each client.
Treat all people inclusively with respect and dignity and as an integral part        of the team.



• Attention, Concentration & Memory deficits
• Visual Perceptual Deficits affecting reading and writing
• Auditory processing Disorders
• Sensory Processing Disorders
• Speech deficits
• Developmental Delay
• Cerebral Palsy
• Muscular Dystrophies
• Autism
• Learning disabilities


• Musculoskeletal disorders
• Low back pain
• Stroke
• Spinal cord injuries
• Sports injuries


We’ll start with an assessment to obtain your child’s/relative complete history and relevant family information. We conduct the evaluation in a fun, relaxing atmosphere to determine developmental motor skill levels using standardized and manual tests for ROM, muscle strength/tone, balance / coordination, and sensory system.


Skilled intervention may include developmental skill training, mobility and gait training, neuromuscular strengthening, tone management, balance/ coordination skills, endurance training, sensory/reflex integration, stretching/flexibility, evaluation for orthotics and adaptive equipment, and parent education for home activities.


Our goal is to make each session fun and worthwhile as we work towards progress for our clients. We’re confident that with the skills and movements your child/ relative will gain over time, their quality of life, confidence, and optimum independence will improve.


Our sole focus is the care of our clients and families, and our services and environment are set up specifically to meet the needs of our clients. We treat adults as adults, and We treat kids as kids – we believe in the value of our clients being able to do the things that are important to them. We believe that every client has the ability, given the right opportunities. We look for these opportunities, not the barriers. We celebrate all the little successes. We are known for being helpful, positive, and passionate about our work, and for being leaders in helping children in our local community.

Nditha Rehabilitation & Assessment Therapy Center also provides Teacher training services. The aim of the trainings is to equip and empower teachers on how to identify and support learners with diverse needs so that teachers and learners realise their full potential in line with inclusive education. Our teacher training program is mainly focused on empowering teachers with necessary knowledge and skills in Inclusive Education, Identification, and support of learners with learning difficulties, Psychosocial counselling, development of Teaching and Learning Resources and Aids using locally available resources. The training also includes practical hands-on sessions to equip the teachers with practical knowledge on how to use specific strategies in helping children with learning difficulties benefit from an inclusive classroom teaching.

We also have a Special Needs School where children who cannot attend mainstream school access our services between 8am-12pm during week days. We also have a school programme where our therapists assess the children and provide individual or group therapy sessions at their schools (children can also access these services at the center). Currently, we are working with Phoenix, Mount View, Growing star and St Sebastian International schools.

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9 Summers Road, Sunnyside, Blantyre, Malawi

Vwaza Road, Namiwawa, Blantyre.


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