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Learning Support helps children who need support within and outside the classroom. These children find it difficult to learn because they have specific learning disabilities, physical disabilities, learning difficulties and other academic challenges. We assist them by providing the resources, strategies and practices that provide physical, social, emotional and intellectual support. The intention is to enable all learners to have an equal opportunity for success at school by addressing barriers and promoting engagement in learning and teaching.

Nditha Rehabilitation and Assessment Therapy Centre is running a school set up (morning group programme) where children come in the morning and have sessions between 8am-12pm. They can access all services at the centre, as well as Special Needs Education. In order to have an effective program, Nditha brings different disciplines under one roof. The primary focus is on special education with additional support, such as physiotherapy and vocational training. All the disciplines work together for the same goal. Each child has a specific treatment plan with individual goals that the whole team works towards. Special individually tailored education is provided at the centre for those children who are unable to attend the mainstream school system. The school comprises of therapy rooms, a day-care centre, classrooms for education and training, an office and other suitable infrastructure. Assistive devices such as hearing aids, braille, different learning media, sensory toys and wheelchairs, among others are provided. A shuttle bus is also provided for easier transportation to and from school. Meals and other basics are provided as well. The centre provides education appropriate to the needs of the individual children. The 1–5-year-old children benefit from day-care with basic skills training such as walking, talking and small, manageable domestic tasks. Those from 6 – 17 years (who cannot attend mainstream school) receive formal education and therapy at the centre. Plans are underway for a vocational skills training programme to be available for children over 17 years of age, so that they can learn life skills which should be able to assist them and boost their financial independence after completing their basic education. Further, we have an additional school programme where our therapists assess the children and provide individual or group therapy sessions at their schools (children can also access these services at the center). Currently, we are working with Phoenix, Mount View, Growing Star and St Sebastian International schools.


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